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Who doesn’t want success?

Ask a teenager, ask a student. Or a working professional. Ask a homemaker. Ask a retiree. And everyone will tell you they want to be successful.

You want to be successful, too – right?

I don’t want to put you in the spotlight, because it’s the same case will almost everyone. Everyone has only vague generalized definitions of what success means to them.

You see, for most people, success is only in the head. It’s always an elusive dream. It never becomes real.

If you were to write down five point to define what success means to you in the next two minutes, would you struggle or will it be a breeze?

Unless you are already a ninja at managing your life’s priorities, you will struggle.

This is where being simple and pragmatic can help. It can radically accelerate your success and greatly improve your odds of reaching your hearts desires.

Why simple and pragmatic?

Because being simple makes you nimble. It keeps your flexible and agile. When you are simple, you remain youthful no matter what your age.

Being pragmatic makes you resilient. It provides you with grit and determination to keep moving forward.

Here are five ways you can accelerate your success by being simple and pragmatic:

1. You know your priorities with a focus that puts a laser beam to shame. You know where you are headed in life. You know the minute details of your definition of success and what comprises it of – your dreams, your aspirations, your goals and your heart’s desires.

2. You make the most of what you have. Success is not a function of having the next latest electronic gadget or a gazillion gadgets. A simple piece of paper contains the blueprint of your success.

3. You make the most of every moment. You live in the moment. You love every moment. You take positive action every moment. You succeed in every moment.

4. You are not obsessed over a bright shiny object. Your balance your life. You look at your life as a hub with multiple spokes that support it and keep it rolling full speed. You understand the importance of each of the spoke – and the areas of your life it relates to.

5. You act from the inside. You act with conviction. You act from the heart. You act with passion. And purpose. You act for reasons beyond plain monetary gains. Or fame. You act because of the fire that burns within you. You act because you know only you can do it as well as you.

Have you defined your success yet?

Go – do it right now.

The next time someone asks you what success means to you, knock them flat out with your crystal clear vision of where you are headed in life.

Image Credit: Harvard University.