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Promises To Myself

I chart my own course. I create my own opportunity. I make every moment mine.

I am patient with myself. I am patient with my loved ones.

I know what my true dreams, aspirations and priorities in life are.

I persist with my priorities. I persevere with my aspirations.

I believe in myself. I believe in my goals. I believe in my dreams.

I have the courage to be myself. And to be different.

I stand up for what’s right, just and fair.

My days are filled with calm. My nights are serene.

My world is full of peace and happiness. I take joy where ever I go.

I only nurture positive thoughts. I only embrace positive discipline.I take positive action on my prioritiess. I let positive habits thrive inside me.

I accomplish all my aspirations. I realize all my goals. I live my dreams, every day.

I have faith in my God. I love my wife and kids. I never let hope down. I believe in myself.

The smile on my face never fades. My life is full of cheer.

I have abundance and prosperity all around me.

I am kind to everyone who needs my kindness. I listen to everyone who needs my attention.

I accomplish my personal priorities every day. I end every day with a deep sense of satisfaction.

I have more than enough of everything my heart desires.

I am simple.  I am pragmatic. I am successful.

I am. I am. I am.