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About Me

I’m a successful Silicon Valley entrepreneur and a best-selling author of ‘Done! The Art of Managing Your Priorities’.

I’m Kapil Apshankar

“There are only three pursuits worthy of your complete, total, undivided attention in life. Personal happiness, professional success and financial freedom. You can accomplish all three with mathematical precision if you are willing to work on your mind, your priorities and your habits. I call this Life Engineering.”


Months to Financial Freedom

Successful Business Ventures

Cups of Coffee

The key to success in all walks of your life is to take positive, inspired action in every moment. In the now. When you do it, you make every moment count; and everything you do makes a difference.

My Journey

I had fourteen in-a-row business ventures that tanked, went down, caught fire or went bust. After the series of failures, I published two in-a-row best sellers, launched three passive income businesses, trained in psychology of human potential, achievement and success, received my doctorate degree and become financially free. All this, and more in less than 36 months.
I have been mentored by and trained with some of the best known and widely loved leaders in the world today including Michael Hyatt, T. Harv Eker, Vishen Lakhiani, Lisa Nichols and Jon Butcher. I travel around the world delivering keynotes, leading high impact seminars and facilitating executive coaching that delivers profound, life-transforming results. My personal mission in life is to help a million individuals realize their heart’s true desires by becoming successful passive income entrepreneurs in the next five years.

I am the co-founder of Spring Rainbow, a company that passionately helps individuals across the world with personal transformation, life makeover and entrepreneurial success. Spring Rainbow transforms lives, one individual at a time, by building communities of winners and bringing in experts from all walks of life onto a single platform.

  • Meditation
  • Coaching
  • Passive Income Success
  • Mindfulness
  • Happiness
  • Entrepreneurship

“When you change your consciousness, your life also changes. Your dreams magically transform into reality. All it takes is a good coach. I can help.”