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Was reading a post by Jon Morrow on Copyblogger. It’s a pretty interesting post, that links back into his Guest Blogging program launch, The Three-Step Guide to Getting More Traffic by Writing Less.

The three steps of the process that Jon lays down are:

Step One: Publish only one blog post per week

Step Two: Publish one guest post per month on popular blogs

Step Three: Slowly start doing more posts and promotions

Just yesterday, I was talking about blogging like my life depended on it. That was something I picked up on Nathan Hangen’s blog.

So here are two probloggers in their own right – and yet the advice that comes of them is a 180 degrees out of phase. What an apparent paradox!

Which way to go? Which advice to follow?

I personally think that our writing, and the ability to produce sticky content as bloggers goes up with practice – and goes down with entropy.

For me, if I miss a day of writing, I can feel the pain of getting back in groove the next day. I actually feel like a train engine that has been out of service for a while, and is just cranking up again after a long gap.

There’s another angle to it too – for someone who’s just starting out, quality doesn’t come overnight. It comes with practice.  No point writing just once a week – that too a long post – if it is still going to be as bad in quality as a 500 word post.

I’d rather write six 500 worders, with the hope that with constant daily practice, my content actually gets better towards the final two.

Totally onboard with steps two and three from Jon, though. It’s just the first step that I am not too much convinced about.

I’m still writing as if my life depended on it. Writing every day. Really!

And what about you?

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