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I got an email from the Minisite Frog folks – Brent Turner and Joe Temple which reads:

Did you know that using a scanned in or ‘handwritten’ font to sign off from your salesletters can increase not only your credibility but also your sales?

Whilst you’re doing this you should also place a mugshot of yourself above your signature. But make sure it’s a professionally taken photograph, not something taken from your facebook page.

This little technique breeds trust and credibility. Try it!

Do handwritten fonts really increase my credibility? Do do that make me look more gimmicky? Sure, they add a personal touch to whatever I have to say, but I think this is one cliche’ technique that last lost it’s charm due to gross abuse in the world of internet marketing.

Or it still relevant?

I’m going to investigate – and find out for myself.

I might be more comfortable using my own scanned handwriting – but then – how do others know that it’s my own scribbles, and not a font? 😉

And while I am on this topic, looks like there are a bunch of places I can go get my handwriting converted into a font – for free, or pretty cheap:

  1. Fontifier
  2. Your Fonts

Oh – and there is an interesting post by Kevin and Amanda on this topic.

Totally agree with the mugshot point – but then, shouldn’t my Facebook profile photo be equally good in quality – and perhaps the same? It should be! 🙂 I spoke about something on similar lines on Social Media Notebook at Social Media Profiles: How To Make Brand Me Consistent.

(Image Credit: ViaMoi – searched for “spring” on Flickr using the Creative Commons option, and was rewarded with a few dozen amazing images that capture the spirit of the season. This one is the first 🙂 )