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Ask a child to tell you a story – and he’ll create a beautiful one for you. You’ll most likely hear a story in which his dreams come out to play in graceful human forms.

Children are the best artists and dreamers in the world.

They dream, they make-believe.

They craft stories with artful elegance.

They create art with wild abandon, and are proud of their creations.

They know what they really want, in a single, simple sentence.

They are not afraid to go all out till they achieve what they want.

The formula is simple, although the lexicon differs. We call it life skills, mission statements or life purpose or vision. We refer to it as hearts desires, goals, aspirations or passion. No matter what terminology we use, there’s no denying it all begins with a dream.

What are your dreams today?

What do you believe in?

Why are you here? Why do you live?

Clues to your dreams will always be hidden in your own childhood dreams. It’s time to get them out of that hiding place your stuffed them into as your grew up. It’s safe to uncover them now – for now is the time.

Let the child inside your be your coach and mentor. All it takes are a few simple ingredients and a recipe you have always called you own. For you are dreaming for yourself, not for anyone else.

Writing down your dreams is important too. Dreams not written down are like a whiff of scent. The magic diffuses in a few minutes, and merely memories linger behind.

Put your dreams in writing. Pen and paper works best – but anything else works.

Create a movie out of your dreams that you can play back to yourself. Every morning, every night. Live out your dream every moment – act it out. If you want to be a writer, write every word as if you are creating your magnum opus. If you want to be an entrepreneur, make every job a startup venture.

Dreams are picking the road less traveled. Dreams are the building blocks of your success.

Dream big. Dream with abandon.

Dream as if your life depended on it.

What is your dream?