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Do you wake up every morning to an alarm on your smart phone? Do you fall asleep every night with your tablet or your television?

You might have forgotten eleven simple skills that you nurtured and practiced while you grew up. Take a look, and make a mental note of the baby steps you can take on each one of them.

1. Communicating: Ask the barista at the coffee shop a question about your drink you have always meant to ask. Don’t forget the please, the smile and the thank you.

2. Listening: Ask your spouse how his (or her) day was – and actively listen to what you hear. No prejudice, no judgement, no jumping to conclusions.

3. Writing: Write a letter to a friend – or to yourself if you’re too embarrassed writing one to someone else. Or write a couple of pages for the day in a journal.

4. Empathizing: Call your parents, or a friend you haven’t talked to in a while. Ask them about their fears and what’s worrying them the most.

5. Reading: Take a book you’ve meant to read for a long time now. Read a few pages – or a few dozen pages. Move it by your bedside – and promise yourself you will finish reading it this month. Be sure to read it end to end. You don’t break promises, remember?

6. Storytelling: Read a story to your kids, or better still, make one up. If nothing else, find an inspiring story and read it out to yourself. It’s fun hearing your own voice, isn’t it?

7. Playing: Go out and play. Ball? Paper planes? Anything!

8. Creating: Make something with your own hands. Make bread, pot  plant, create origami animals, draw or paint. There’s still magic in building your own boats.

9. Thinking: Think about everything you are grateful for. Think about everyone who makes you happy. Don’t stress, don’t fret. don’t worry. Contrary to what you’re thinking right now, thinking can really be a very relaxing undertaking.

10. Dreaming: Write down your dreams, your aspirations and your heart’s desires. Think big and dream bold.

11. Positive Self-Talk: Buy a book of inspirational quotes and read it out aloud. Or read out your dreams and aspirations aloud – in present tense as if you have already accomplished them.

Why not pick a few of them over the weekend and put them to practice right away? You can then add a few more to your day through the coming week.

It’s not like you need to learn something new – you already know every one of them.  You just need to deliberately incorporate them in your schedules.

These skills are simple – but the results will be profound. Ready to get started? There really isn’t anything stopping you.