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Master Strokes

Did you notice the patterns in dates over the last few weeks?


12. 20. 2012

12. 21. 12

You try to see patterns in everyday things, don’t you. Pictures. People. Places. Even dates.

You think some patterns are better than the others. You believe some days are more special.

Reality is every day is as different and special as every day that will follow it. Every moment is as unique as the others that preceded it.

You are as unique as every moment. You are yourself.

You have the potential to create success every moment. You have the power to create a new you every day.

When you create success every moment, you are successful every day. When you make each day a success, you can’t but help becoming successful in all areas of your life.

The only ingredient missing in your life is positive action.


Have dreams. Believe in them. Take positive action every moment. Go marching confidently in the direction of your dreams with passion and purpose.

You will make every day matter and every moment count. You will create a new you every day.

You will carve your beautiful dreams in stone like a masterpiece.

You will build the boat you always wanted to build. You will embark on the journey to realize your aspirations .

Your master strokes will paint your life with everything you heart has always desired with true intention.

You will make your life a magnum opus.