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Being mindful is the most important skill to learn, master and practice these days. Unfortunately, we are never taught being mindful in school, at work or anywhere else.

Simply put, mindfulness translates into living in the moment. We are born mindful – and gradually forget it as we grow up.

Babies, toddlers and kids are the epitome of human mindfulness. They live in the moment, they live for the moment.

Nature is inherently mindful too – look around you. The animals, the birds, the insects and the butterflies – the plants, trees and flowers – everything in nature lives in the moment.

You too can return back to your roots of mindfulness by practicing five simple dimensions of living in the moment:

1. Be aware:

We see, but we do not observe. We hear, but we do not listen. We talk, but we do not empathize. We use, but we take it for granted.

Every moment, be aware of what you see, hear or use. Watch the eagle gracefully flying by, or the squirrel busily scurrying away. See the beauty in the grass and the dandelions. Hear the stories other are trying to tell you. Acknowledge the things you use, because nature took the time to prepare them, and someone somewhere toiled hard to bring it over in your hands.

2. Be still:

We are rarely sitting still. We hurry, we bustle, we rush, we push, we multi-task and hope between a million things.

Starting with a few minutes every hour, be still. Do nothing. Let thoughts come to your mind, and go by. Acknowledge  them, and let them go. In these moments, let your mind be like water – against the backdrop of beautiful lake by the countryside.

In the beginning, be still for 2 minutes every hour. Gradually, aim to be still for 5 minutes every hour. Finally, add a wholesome dose of stillness to your schedule every morning and every evening.

3. Be loving:

Love yourself. Love your spouse. Love your kids. Love your parents. Love your friends. Love your community.

Love what you do, even if it is not your passion. For this is fleecing, and will be gone the next moment.

Celebrate your love with flowers and small actions of cheer, happiness and joy.

4. Be grateful:

There are million reasons to be grateful about – no matter where you are in life. Even when you get lemons, there’s the refreshing, rejuvenating lemony scent to be grateful for. And then, there’s lemonade too.

Your list of reasons to be grateful for can never be too long.

5. Embrace positive action:

Get up and act. It has been said a million times before. Yet we rarely embrace positive action.

Seize the moment. Carpe diem. Go boldly out and work on your dreams, passions and aspirations.

Being mindful is simple. Living in the moment is your true nature.

It’s time to return back to our roots of mindfulness and start living in the moment right now.