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Success is a funny concept.

Success is very subjective. It changes from person to person. It changes from day to day. And it also changes with every hat you wear, and every shoe you step in.

You must have your own unwavering definition of success. You can’t be fickle-minded about what it takes for you to be successful.

Success does not necessarily equate to job titles, wealth or intelligence. Sure – each of these can play a role in your definition of success, but it isn’t essential.

So where can you find your definition of success?

Think about the things you dreamed of as a child. Go back to your childhood days in mind and spirit. Can you recollect the emotions of confidence and invincibility in your dreams and aspirations as a tween? Can you feel the joy and happiness from the make-believe stories you told as a toddler?

It can be a long list, or a single sentence. It can be a simple image etched in your mind, or a mental movie that you can play back to yourself. This is how your success looks like.

Everything else you think about of as success now are external impressions. Impressions which you borrowed from someone else – or someone else imposed on you. That’s not true success.

We all have to find our own definitions of success. It’s a pity, we are born with an accurate knowledge of how it looks like – then lose it along the way – and never take the time to recover it back.

How does success look to you? Be sure to write it down – now that you have found it.