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Serenity: Dealing With Trolls

Trolls are everywhere.

You’ll find them at work. You’ll spot them in your neighborhood. You’ll even see them in the mall, your local grocery store or at the gas station. You can even run into trolls on the jogging track or on the playground.

The trolls you’ll encounter everyday look remarkably similar. Their names may be different, but their faces are identical.

May be your boss is troll.  A coworker, or a colleague. Perhaps your landlord. Or the clerk behind the checkout counter. A teacher, or a professor may be? How about the driver who tailgates you honking all the way?

So how do you deal with trolls?

You see, trolls love – as you guessed it right – trolling. They have inflated egos and have lost their touch with reality long ago. They think they’re winning, but really they are losers big time.


Trolls love ruining your day. That’s their ultimate happiness.

They feed on attention. They thrive on prejudice.

They take personal glory in mudslinging, character maligning and provocative sarcasm.

Good news. Three easy steps is all it takes to deal with trolls:

1. Stop:

Don’t reply to their nasty emails. Don’t respond to their brutal comments.

The more attention you give them, they more energy they get to come after you.

2. Drop: 

Don’t fight them. Get out of their way.

They’ll go find someone else.

3. Roll:

Move on to your own priorities. You have your own goals to accomplish. You have better things to do.

You have to live your life from your own scripts, don’t you?

Now, that’s also the formula they teach you in a fire-drill. But it’s super effective in dealing with trolls too.

Try it. The trolls will stop coming after you.