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We make mistakes. We err. We blow up opportunities. We let chances slip by.

We avoid taking risks for fear of failure. We crumble with the first whiff of uncertainty. We let the present moment vanish into eternity.

Then we beat ourselves up.

And there are things we turn a blind eye to. There are things we turn a deaf ear to. There are things we look at and fail to see.

We move from one moment to another with a shrug. The mistakes and errors repeat. Opportunities and half-chances come and go by.

We continue to remain hostage to self-limiting, self-defeating thoughts, habits, actions. It’s a tragic pattern.

The beauty of life is that we can choose to learn from every moment.

We can learn from every mistake we make. We can learn from every error. We can learn from every opportunity that blows up. We can learn from every chance we let slip away.

We can take risk, knowing that we will learn from a failure, if that’s what comes out of it.

We can learn to take uncertainties in our stride.

We can learn to live in the present moment.

And then, we can let go of everything that does not work out with a smile instead of a shrug. Because we have learned what that moment had to teach us.

Learn and let go.

I invite you to try it.

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