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Nathan Hangen had a wonderful post a few days ago – Blog As If Your Life Depended On It.

A couple of paragraphs from that post caught my attention:

Blogging works in the same way that the Law of Attraction works. If you just keep doing what feels right, then good things are sure to come your way.

There’s no need to worry about metrics, products, or services…just keep posting.

Love these words – they resonate and sound very true.

My reaction was:

… and keep commenting every day as well, Nathan.

Comments and blogs go hand in hand. One without the other is meaningless – and futile.

It’s very easy to fade into obscurity and oblivion without engagement – so keep the conversations going!

I’m a blogger at heart – and I am making things happen using the power of the spoken and written word.

I’m bringing about positive changes in my own life – and in the lives of those I love – by my blogging.

Right now, my life does depend on blogging. It really does … it really does!

That’s the precise reason why I am blogging – as if my life depended on it – because it really does.

I’m not paying a darn to Klout scores, and comments – and metrics, and analytics. I’m only doing what I am passionate about.

At the end of the day, isn’t that what matters? We keep hearing, follow your dreams – live your passions.

I’m actually following my dreams – and living my passions.

Are you?

(Image Credit: Ben Amstutz