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I love making lists.

Long lists of dreams, and goals. Aspirations. Priorities. Lists of places to visit and people to meet. Things to own and experience.

Lists of favorites. Books, authors, music, artists, fine teas, rare coffee and mellow wines.

You have your own bucket lists too, don’t you? We all have them.

Creating and reading through your life lists is fun. But when the rubber hits the road and you have to make items on your lists real, you cringe back.

Most people go through life without accomplishing even ten percent of the items from their bucket lists.

Because getting there means giving up our comfort zones. Even giving up a few things we have gotten used to and take for granted. Unknowingly, we become the monkey who gets stuck in the trap because he does not want to let go off the bunch of bananas.

What an irony. What a shame!

It’s funny. Because humans are the only species who fear, dread – even loathe change. Look at nature and the world around you. Seasons change, and so do leaves and trees and grass. Animals are always adapting. Birds too. Creepers and crawlers, swimmers and fliers, clingers and walkers keep changing too.


To change something, you have to change something.

Your mindset. You thoughts. Your actions. Your deeds. Your work. Even your location.

Bottom line is, you have to change.

You have to be prepared for your life to change. You have to expect change. And you have to welcome change when it shows up.

And if nothing changes, you have to be the agent of change – the catalyst – and shake things up.

You have a lot of items on your bucket lists to accomplish, right? I certainly do.

Remember, nothing changes if nothing changes.