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You probably don’t think of yourself as a priority management ninja. Would you like to become one overnight?

Ask any priority management ninja her secrets, and she’ll happily disclose them to you.

Secret 1: Know where you are going

Do you know what the real priorities in your life are? What dreams are you pursuing? What passions are you following?

No matter what your definition of success in life is, it starts with a list. Take a pen and paper and write down the priorities in your life – your dreams, your passions, your aspirations. Create a physical list – a digital or electronic list does not count.

Secret 2: Start early

Begin your day early – as early as you realistically can. Work only on your priorities before the clock touches noon. 45 minutes of dawn, 2 hours after sunrise and the first 90 minutes of your workday are your prime time windows of opportunity to grab the tasks leading to your priorities by their horns.

Secret 3: Batch and chunk

Work in chunks of 15 minutes. Pick up a task, break it up into pieces that can be accomplished in 15 minutes. Work on a piece for 15 minutes and take it to completion. Give yourself a pat on the back, and move on to the next piece.

Secret 4: Unitask

When working on a task, focus only on the job at hand. Get in the zone, feel the flow. Cut off everything – and everyone else till your 15 minute window is up and the job is done.

Secret 5: Slow down

In the world of managing your priorities, slow is fast. Slowing down deliberately will equip you with a razor sharp focus and wholesome discipline to get the task at hand executed to perfection.

It takes a only minute to learn how to become a priority management ninja, but a lifetime to practice becoming one.

You can’t walk away reading these secrets and expect to wake up a priority management ninja tomorrow. You have to implement and put to practice these ninja secrets. It will be hard work, but I promise you the results will be worth the effort.

Are you willing to step up to the challenge? Will you become the next priority management ninja?

Go – it’s your time to grab the next fifteen minutes and make the most of them.