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It’s Monday night, and the Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping frenzy has mostly fallen into a calm.

No matter how much, or much little you shopped this Thanksgiving weekend, you likely experienced some degree of buyer’s remorse. It’s funny – but after we buy something – anything, we immediately start feeling bad about it. We start questioning our intent, motives and utility of our purchases, even if we have been waiting for them for a long time. Even if we really need them. Even if we would most definitely put them to good use.

On the other side, if you abstained from buying during this period when almost everyone around you was shopping, you were not only left out, but also emotionally disconnected from the world.

Turns out, buyer’s remorse is essential to attract abundance and prosperity in your life. Buyer’s remorse is the compass that helps you determine true north in your life and what it needs to be abundant, fulfilled and accomplished. It helps you determine what the real desires of your body, mind and soul are, and provides for them. It ensures that you never go overboard. It forces you love within your means without dampening the all the dreams and possibilities you think of. It brings in moderation, like a calming ocean breeze. And it empowers you to put your life priorities in perspective every single time.

If you did not shop, you just lost a golden opportunity to attract abundance and prosperity into your life.

Think about it this way. You can’t be homeless and rolling in abundance. And you definitely cannot connect the dots between abject poverty and prosperity. When you’re hungry, nothing else really matters – and the only reliable way you can have bread on the table is to be able to buy the ingredients needed to bake it yourself.

We create convoluted definitions of orthogonality between simplicity, abundance, prosperity and wealth. You can definitely lead a simple life, and yet be abundant, prosperous and wealthy. You can embrace simplicity, yet enjoy the simple pleasures of shopping around – for yourself and your loved ones, and those less privileged than you.

Simplicity is having more than enough of everything you need to lead a complete, fulfilled life. So if you abstained from shopping this holiday season for want of simplicity, think again.  You might be denying yourself abundance and prosperity.

Go, do some shopping and attract abundance and prosperity in your life. It’s not too late.