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I have been down with blepharitis for the last three days now. With antibiotics, both oral and topical, it’s kind of going away – but it’s very painful and uncomfortable.

It’s a minor thing for sure – but has been bothering me to an extent where my writing and blogging schedule got disrupted.

One post in four days isn’t a very good statistic – especially for me – given that I do believe in blogging every day. I’ll be catching up with an overdose of posts over the next week.

But being out of action did give me ample of time to reflect on one fundamental truth. At the end of the day, health is paramount.  Without good health, everything else becomes so much more difficult. It’s a truth we all know – but rarely reflect and act upon. We take good health for granted – until something changes and we are put out of action.

Just like we blog everyday, post comments every day, and do so many other things that are a part of our learned habits – taking care of of bodies, minds and souls – and nurturing their good health should also be. Not that there is anything new here – but we just miss out on it.

We put the things that matter most at the mercy of things that matter least.

And I’m guilty of missing out on this too. Missing out on exercise. Missing out on opportunities to nurture my body, mind and soul.

David Risley had a wonderful post yesterday, in which he spoke about the Circle of Success. I think that should be the focus of anything and everything we do.

For one year from now, we will be the books we read and the company we keep.

It’s a lesson well learnt for me – the fundamental truth. And one of the promises and commitments I have made to myself is to be more proactive – and diligent – in taking care of my health and nurturing my body, mind and soul.

What do you think?

(Image Credit: Steve Webel