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Of late, I have observed a disturbing trend that favors reading less books. While many reasons are offered in merit of reading less, none of them are compelling enough to give up reading voraciously.

You cannot put reading books in the same category as doing recreational drugs, consuming alcohol or OCD behaviour. You can certainly overdo alcohol, or over the counter medications. You can definitely cross the line that separates acceptable human behavior from compulsion.

But you just cannot read too many books.

You also cannot equate books to more contemporary forms of learning aids and communication. You can overdo social media. You can spend hours on the internet with nothing to show for. And you can certainly consume too much information that gets thrown at you every day.

But you just cannot read too many books.

Classics. Paperbacks. Hard covers. Digital – Kindle and Nook books. Category, style, genre and format of the book really does not matter. A book is a book is a book, no matter how you look at it.

Point is, the more you read, the better you get.

Better at thinking. Better at communication. Better at articulation. Better at reading. Better at observing.

Better at everything, in fact.

You don’t need the crutches of social media or the latest gaming console to relax, unwind and disconnect. With every book you read, you are already disconnected from the world. You are already living a dream. You are already learning more of everything. You are already relaxed and unwinded.

Are you reading more, yet?