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The Power of Personal Rituals

For most people, life just happens. Their life passes by, and they assume the role of mere bystanders.

It’s easy to settle down into a routine. Routine leads to a rut, and eventually a rot. A rot of helpless acceptance of what happens.

There is a better alternative.


Creating personal rituals is a powerful way to active participate and take control of your own life.  With rituals, you can make choices. You can embrace positive action. And you can literally change your destiny.

How do you create personal rituals?

1. Start with common, everyday tasks that you take for granted. Like breathing. Or taking a bath. The last five minutes before you drift off to sleep, or the first five minutes after you wake up.

What does the task mean to you? What could it mean to you?

For example, your waking up ritual could be a quick prayer and a smile on your face. A movie that plays in your minds eye projecting your wins for the day.

Your drifting off to sleep ritual might involve love, gratitude and satisfied accomplishment.

2. Use visualization, and imagery. Make the pictures real and vivid. Explore the possibilities. Cherish the memories that might come back. Contemplate the present. Plan the future with undivided attention and focus.

3. Next, you can move on to converting your routines into rituals. Like having breakfast and eating lunch. Or family dinner times.

You can create rituals for reading, writing and reflecting. You can create rituals for exercise. And your visualization practice. Meditation too.

Want to create memories with your family photos? Create a ritual for snapping a few every week.

Looking for regular me time? Build a ritual for reflecting or planning. Or change your exercise routine to create a powerful personal ritual.

Rituals are sacred. They are powerful – and they work.

Rituals are a simple tool that convert you from a passive bystander to an active participant in your own life. They hand you the reins of the chariot of your own life.

Make personal rituals a habit. You will create family traditions that are cherished.

But most importantly, you will create a solid foundation for accomplishing your priorities every day.