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Deliberate Choices

I have been making some deliberate choices this week.

Like taking my writing to a library every day. Like spending my time at a real coffee shop penning down my innermost thoughts and brilliant ideas.

Like writing with a pen and paper.

I have been pleasantly surprised by the amount of inner calm and personal satisfaction I have derived by being deliberate and intentful in the choices I make through the day.

We all make choices every day, don’t we?

Many choices.

Most of our choices are so automatic, we hardly every realize we made them.

Life comes at us on a conveyor belt, and flows away on a conveyor belt.

When was the last time you made a deliberate choice?

Do you love making deliberate choices, or squirm at the thought of having to make them?

You are not an automaton. Why should your choices be?

It’s only when you start making deliberate choices, that you start to live a full, complete life. You really get in the driver’s seat of your drive. You experience a sense of meaning and purpose living your choices.

Don’t let choosing the default become a habit.

Get in the habit of making conscious, deliberate, intentful choices every moment.

You’ll see the beauty and appreciate the power of every moment.