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I use Ever Note to keep track of all my web clippings. Works wonderfully well for me.

Unfortunately when I am not using my own MacBook, I need something to keep track of pages and posts that I need to get back to later for clipping.

That’s where Instapaper comes in. I love Instapaper too – and the Ever Note – Instapaper team work wonders for me.

That’s where today’s post comes in. I read a post a few days ago. I am not even sure it it was a post. My memory tells me it was from the About Me page of a blogger. An a pretty serious problogger too. Problem is, I didn’t clip it – and for some weird reason, failed to book mark it.

Now the words from that page are coming back to haunt me – and I am not able to find the source. Tried Google – to no avail. Sifted through my browser history, with the same results.

Here’s what I remember from what I had read …

I was waiting to be 5 – because that’s when I would no longer be needed to sleep in the afternoon. I grew up like most children, hating afternoon naps – not wanting to miss out on all the fun adults had while I was asleep. All that changed when I went to college – I started looking forward to these afternoon naps. Even in the morning and evenings.

That’s all that I remember, but those words are haunting me day and night. I would really appreciate any help in searching on where these words came from.

Any pointers?

Oh – and the gist of this post is a reminder – user Ever Note and Instapaper – or any other bookmarking, clipping and scrapbooking tool that works for you. For if you don’t, you’ll be losing out on great words that will come back to haunt you!

(Image Credit: Steve Wall